About us

in2strides is a company specialized in the equestrian world. We offer you a new and innovative way of managing equestrian shows providing the best solutions in event management, equestrian consulting and timing & scoring areas.
in2strides support organizers in the equestrian sport with the last technology, experienced staff and know-how at all levels, from regional to international shows.

A fundamentally new way to manage equestrian shows

We are Equipe partners and experts in the implementation of the software to provide our clients what they deserve.

Our services


FEI certified timing equipment and a team of experienced timekeepers.

Show office

Entries, riders declarations... Schedule each day with our online tool.

Project Management

Let us manage the horse show so that it becomes a memorable experience.

Sound Equipment

All the sound equipment you need to make your horse show perfect.

LED Screen

Displays that can help create nearly any size and screen shape you desire, providing clear and detailed images.


Let us help you to learn how to use the Equipe Equestrian Software on your shows.

Info System

Different kinds of screens for your competition and warm-up arenas, show office or jury boxes.

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You can reach us via email, calling us or following our work on our social networks!